As I am learning, how to tell if a watermelon is ripe is part art and part cult science. A brief internet search uncovers a small galaxy of recommendations including but not limited to tapping and listening to the watermelon, trying to guess its weight, looking at the color of its underside, counting the number of days since flowering, pressing a thumbnail into the epidermis, inspecting the tendril, well you get the idea.

The mysterious watermelon.

The mysterious watermelon – the formula for knowing its ripeness is ever elusive. So how in hell do I tell if this watermelon is ripe?

I may just have to revert to one of my long-standing and treasured vices – gambling. I wait until the watermelon “looks” ready – or until I can’t wait any longer – then roll the dice. If I win, then I eat the spoils. If not, then the chickens get lucky. Either way, I refuse to let this amazing looking melon spoil on the vine.

Updates to come.


Summer 2012 in full force. 105 on Monday. 109 Tuesday. 106 today. 10X tomorrow. My pressing task for these ultimate days of June – figure out how to relocate my start-up bread baking operation outside. Savings in AC bills alone could finance a new oven. Sure, a used oven listed for a quick sale on craigslist. An oven nonetheless!

And this leads me to the central question of this blog – what makes this lot, this place, “uncommon” anyway? A crazy man outside in 107 degreesk baking sourdough? That couldn’t hurt….

Stay tuned.